It’s a TV program for women. The audiences at Avon center and school are invited to participate in the programs as guests. It talks about women’s frustration
in both their personal lives and careers.

Avon YouTube Channel

Avon YouTube Channel offers weekly video about advocacy of women empowerment for our audience the video of conferences    and TV talk show for people who have missed them. 

Avon Discussion Board

It offers a platform for our audiences to discuss with each others. It enables them to have opportunities to share their ideas about business, violence issues, and health problem.

Avon Store

It sells the handmade products from women in all of the world and great works from studio. The Online with AmazonSmile. The profit is for supporting the women in poor countries.

Avon Talk Show
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Museum 02
Museum 03
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Museum 05
Museum 06
Avon Museum

It is a museum about succeeding women in history. It gives people a chance to know about the women's empowerment history, and the audiences are able to get inspiration from it as well. 

Online Magazine 01
Online Magazine 02
Online Magazine 03
Online Magazine 04
Printed Version
Online Magazine

Women magazine is an Online magazine which is focusing on both personal life and the business world for our audiences. It gives our audiences inspirations on their lives, and offers information about the current business world.

Avon Media


This is a student project and is not intended to represent

parent brand in any way.

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