Fitness Center

The fitness center is an indoor gym, which offers personal coaching and customize training courses for our audiences to keep fit and healthy.

The outdoor activity club offers several outdoor activities for our audiences, which includes yoga, and hiking group, women's soccer team, etc. It allows audiences to get closer to the natures. 

Women's Clinic

Women's Clinic is a health care clinic for women. It includes family planning, pregnancy test, complete obstetrical services, breast and cervical cancer screening, etc.

Women's Shelter

Avon Women's Shelter offers multiple approaches to reducing violence against women. It advocates for more effective laws to help our audiences who have physical, sexual and psychological violence.

The weekly boot camp for our audiences to meet and talk about stress management. The coaches offer advices and help people to walk through it.

Stress Management
Outdoor Activity Club
Avon Cafe

It is a comfortable common space for our audiences to relax and share cheerful moment with friends they meet at Women Center. 

Outdoor Activity Club 01
Outdoor Activity Club 02
Outdoor Activity Club 03
Outdoor Activity Club 04
Outdoor Activity Club 05

This studio offers many different workshops for our audiences, which is focusing on discovering women’s nature talents. The studio includes handcrafting, painting, singing, dancing, cooking, photography, pottery, and beauty workshop.

Women's Studio
Women Studio 01
Women Studio 02
Women Studio 03
Women Studio 04
Women Studio 05

Avon Center


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