Business Program

The business program includes business analytics and business management. It helps our audiences to learn how to use data to detect trends, predict the most-likely scenarios and make optimal decisions about everything from daily operations to high-level strategies. Our audiences will learn how to make their work days more effective.


It offers several of  well-designed programing courses for our audiences who are interested in
field for their future careers. The courses also include basic computer skills for our audiences who do not have any experiences with computers.

Technology Program
Language Program

It offers different language courses for our audiences to take. Having multiple Language ability benefits our audiences if it’s related to their career or as they are running business in the future.

It offers history studies for our audiences who are interested in human history. It inspires individuals to make informed decisions and thoughtfully address the challenges of a changing society.

History Program
Art Program

It enables our audience who are interested in art and design field, and gives them chances to learn the professional courses for their future. 

Avon Library

It offers a common space with many academy resources, which includes the business, technology, history, art and design for our audiences.


Avon is providing a limited number of income-based scholarships for our audiences who cannot afford to pay full price for the school.

Business Program 01
Business Program 02
Business Program 03
Business Program 04
Business Program 05
Art Program 01
Art Program 02
Art Program 03
Art Program 04
Art Program 05

Avon Academy


This is a student project and is not intended to represent

parent brand in any way.

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